Tis the Season for Giving

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you. I hope this new year brings heath and happiness to each and every one of you. A special holiday wish to my donor and his family. This is the season of giving and we have lots to do still. I know there are drives going on out there, but we need to do a better job spreading the word about these upcoming drives. Post the information on the Team Vinay or Team Sameer websites. Please do not stop this movement, we have done so well thus far but lets not stop. We have to BELIEVE as a community that we can make a difference, take responsibility by acting and not just by talking about it. We need to get the young generation involved, so all of you college and graduate students out there continue spreading knowledge about this cause because we are the future, lets take control of it. On the Team Vinay website we placed a short clip, that clip can be used by all and placed on Friendster, Facebook, MySpace or whatever internet avenue you can think of to increase awareness and involvement.

Like Sameer stated in his blog there are so many out there that are praying for their respective donors to come forward to save their lives (Bevin, Savitha, Dhiren, and so many more as the days go on) so lets give them a great holiday present. The holidays are a great time to spend with family, what better way to have some quality family time than starting or attending a drive in your respective areas. We cannot stop nor should we stop. I know 2007 was a great year amongst our community, but lets make 2008 even better. Let us unite as a community, as one, and help one another because in fact we are all brothers and sisters.

As for me, I am past day 100 and things are going well. My counts seem to be stable so far. At day 100 my doctor did a chimerism test, which tests for the percentage of donor cells versus my own cells in my blood…and the results came back as 100% donor cells! This is exactly what my doctor wanted to see which made Rashmi and I very happy. My energy is slowly coming back but I cannot seem to gain any weight. The weather here has made it difficult to go out and exercise but I have been lifting some weights at home. A lot of my free time is spent reading, I just finished The Kite Runner and have started on A Thousand Splendid Suns. I play the Wii once in a while, and trust me I still dominate with one eye, but after January 28th I should have two good eyes so watch out!

Before I finish this blog I would like to send my love and support to Sameer and his family. I know this is a tough time but Sameer if there is anyone that can get through this, it’s you. Throughout our ordeal I have looked to you for your optimism and faith, do not ever lose that. We are all here for you and your family, whatever you need do not hesitate to ask. So keep your head up my brother because this too shall pass. We all love you and will stand by your side.

With lots of love,




I hope you are doing well, I used to check up on your website almost everyday at work, and I must say I'm glad I dont have to any more :) No offense, I feel so happy that you are finally back home with your family. I wish you and your family the best! Keep us updated once in a while :)!!!

Looking Good


Glad to hear things are progressing well. You're looking good man. Keep staying strong. Best wishes to you and your family this coming year. Take care man.


Hi Vinay and Rashmi, Hope

Hi Vinay and Rashmi,
Hope everything is going well for you both. Everyday you are in our prayer and get well soon.
Aunty Priya and Uncle Bhaskar.

Hope you are feeling better.

Hi Vinay,

Havent heard about your progress in the last few days - Hope you are doing well. My prayers are with you and Rashmi and for a long and healthy life !

Hope you are feeling better

Hi Vinay!

Hope you are feeling much much better. Please drop a few lines if you get a chance. If you feel a little tired keeping up with this task, it is ok. We are happy for you and will pray for you.

Lots of love to you and Rashmi and your family.

How are you doing?

Hi Vinay and Rashmi,

Vinay, I am praying for your health every day. Please give us an update if you are up to it. Our blessing/prayers/wishes are with you.

Sudha Prakash


I forgot to add the NY Resolution--which is to commit to more fervent organizing, more education about the dearth of South Asians in our national registry, and more donors in '08 and beyond. I'm with you bro, if we can set up a constant stream of bone marrow donors, hit up every brown person the day they turn 18, and just share with people how EASY it is to save another human being's life, we will have attained victory. I resolve to work towards this goal. I hope others will, too!

Hi Vinay & a New Year's Resolution

Vinay--as always, you continue to be an inspiration. Keep on writin', keep on preachin', your words are moving hundreds, have the capacity to move thousands, and will, in the end, move millions. Am praying for absolute full recoveries for you, Sameer, and all the afflicted souls out there that stand to benefit from the efforts of you and Team Vinay. You couldn't be more on point that optimism and faith are the pillars of efforts like these. Keep on keepin' on . . . we're all fighting with you! Thinkin' about you loads and sendin' mad vibes your way. This is such a cute picture!

Happy New Year

It is good to see this update. May 2008 bring you steady recovery and progress. I pray that it brings you health and happiness and togetherness with your loved ones.

- Rucha

Happy to hear from you

Hi Vinay,

Thank you for the update. It is so nice to hear from you. Last week, when I met Rashmi, I told her that I check your website everyday and I was waiting for the latest update from you. It was wonderful to see Rashmi after a long time. We are so happy to hear that you are doing better and our thoughts/prayers/blessings are always with you.
Happy Holidays!

I just read Sameer's blog and I am sad to hear that his AML is relapsed. Team Vinay (Orange County) are all praying that the new treatments will work. As you aptly said "this too shall pass!" Our blessings/thoughts are with Sameer and Reena during this holiday season. I don't know Sameer, but he seems to be a wonderful person. May the new year bring health and happiness to him and his family.

We will be back to volunteering for the drives. There is a drive at Malibu Hindu temple on January 1st.

Sudha Prakash

Yay! Glad to know that

Yay! Glad to know that things are going well. I hope you had a great time with Bharath, Sonia, and your parents last weekend. I just met your parents yesterday. They are sooo cool. And your mom is an amazing cook! (as is Sonia =)).
Looking forward to your visit to L.A. Definitely count on making a trip to Diamond Bar to have dinner with my parents and I!



Dear Vinay and Rashmi,
Wish you both a very Happy Holiday season too. Its so nice to hear you are recovering fast. Wish you lots of good health and happiness in the years to come . You look great Vinay in that picture. We are always thinking of you .
Mithra and Raghavan family