Update from Vinay - March 3, 2008

I returned to the hospital on 2/7/08 for readmission due to fevers and chills. I developed graft versus host disease in my gut. It is a little uncomfortable but manageable. My doctors placed me on steroids and an immunosuppressor to control the GVHD. This seems to be the only thing keeping me in the hospital. Once we get control of the GVHD then I will able to go home. So far my blood counts are doing well, and all of us are taking one day at a time. My medical team has not come up with a definitive plan after I get discharged but there are options. This weekend I am on what is called bowel rest, no food by mouth….nothing by mouth to be exact. I do not know if I can do it because I am always hungry, but this is thought to relieve my gut so that I can start eating solid foods. I have been on a clear liquid diet for 2 weeks now, not fun.

Once again thanks for all the love and prayers. Lots of love to all of you.

Another WAY

Another WAY....not Another was....LOL

Another was

Hi Vinay.
I just saw your story on PBS. I have a daughter who has been living with cancer for the last 4 years.
For the details please visit www.caitibrowntripforlife.com.
Anyway, she is being treated at Envita Natural Medical Center in Scottsdale AZ. The decision to bring her
out here came after a relapse, a ton of clinical trials and a lot of closed doors.
You can get more info about Envita at www.behealthyamerica.com

Best wishes to you.
Michelle Brown

Positive energy

Hi Vinay,

I've been following this site for a good many months now and was pleased when there were NO updates on you ..because that would be good news. So, am pleasantly shocked with the latest developments. Hang in there. It's always uphill before you reach that pot of gold at the end of the rainboww. I visit Samer's page as well and he is having his own issues. As I wrote in his blog, have you considered alternative medicine in addition to modern medicine? Alternatives that are not consumable? Such as the Sudarshan Kriya or Pranayamas that might be able to boost your immunesystem? Just a suggestion if you want to run with it? I do not endorse it but it has helped me in the past especially the Sudarshan kriya by the Art of Living. It has lifted me from going to modern medicine several times and also approved by my doctor. God Bless you and your family. Hang in there!