PBS Documentary on Vinay

Vinay is profiled in an upcoming documentary that will air on PBS on April 16th.

The Truth About Cancer will feature three stories of Boston-based Cancer patients, their struggle, challenges and navigating the healthcare system to try and obtain the best type of care. The Dana Farber Cancer Center and their vast amount of resources is also featured.

Details on the program can be found here

We hope you are well ..

Dear Vinay:
We haven't heard from you in a long time, appreciate if you could provide us a short update on your health. We are all praying for your recovery.

Dear Vinay, We hope you are

Dear Vinay,
We hope you are doing well. Please have someone update us about your health. So many of us are praying for your recovery. Stay strong!

God Bless You

Dear Vinay-
Please post your updated progress as we are all wondering how you are feeling. I hope you are able to eat. You may consider fresh coconut water, wheatgrass and juiced vegetables to drink in addition to alternative homeopathic care. There is a place called Hippocrates Institute which was featured in helping reverse stage 4 liver cancer. I hope you are ok. Stay strong!
Hari Om

Keep Faith


Faith is all a person needs.

Please be strong and keep faith. Faith has done miracles and faith continues to do miracles.

You are in my prayers always. My sister recently was diagnosed with cancer and it breaks our hearts. But faith helps us.

I pray and hope you have a long long happy and healthy life.

please post how is vinay

please post how is vinay doing hope he is doing good ,vinay may god bless you, you and rashmi are in our prayers though its rough you will come out of this unscathed this is my belief. Please update on his health condition how is he doing. Thank you and god bless you and rashmi a very long happy married and healthy life.

Excellent documentary, very

Excellent documentary, very emotional and moving. Does anyone have an update on Vinay's current progress??!

Hi Vinay, I hope you are

Hi Vinay,
I hope you are doing well, and you're always in my thoughts and prayers. May God give you the strength to fight through this. You had the courage, strength and love from your loved ones to fight this far, I'm very sure that you will be able to make it through and live a healthy and happy life with Rashmi. Keep fighting! Can someone please give a short update on how Vinay is doing. Take care Vinay.

May God Bless You

I have been regularly following up on your health through this website. I was really moved by the documentary, Truth about Cancer. I lost my father to Stomach Cancer about 3 months back and I could relate to emotions of all the patients and their families in the documentary. I used to regularly tell my father about your updates and he was really happy to hear that you had your transplant in Nov last year.
But I was really shocked to see that it was back.
All the Best for your further treatment. We will always pray for you. Though I understand that you people might be very busy, it would be very nice if you could please update your website a little more regularly. At least that way we feel connected to you in your fight against Cancer.
All the Best. Take Care and may God give you and all your family member the strength to cope up with all this.

Lakshmi Sridharan

Good luck

Dont give up Vinay... hang in there. There are a ton of people out there rooting for you. I will continue to keep you in my mind and my prayers every day.

Best wishes
your bro

Hello, My wife and I have

My wife and I have been visiting this site regularly and were really moved by the PBS documentary. The strength of your family is commendable and truly an inspiration to all. We pray, hope and wish you and your family the best.



Dear Vinay and Rashmi,

Thank you for your courage in going public with your story. The documentary *The Truth About Cancer* is very moving and honest.
You are an inspiration to many people.

Love and prayers,

Asha Sen


Hello Vinay & Rashmi,
We all watched the program (including my 9 year old) and pray GOD to bless the two of you.
Hang in there and remember 'more things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of'.
Love & Hugs, Krishs

I wish you all the best on your journey

I'm sitting at work as we speak an I watched the program on the PBS website. I heard about it on breastcancer.org. I'm so touched! I was dx with breast cancer at the age of 23 ( Aug 2 2007) Your fight to keep going has inspired me. Every cancer patient should watch this wonderful documentary! I thank you so much for sharing your story. I wish you and your lovely wife and family peace an joy!

Best wishes to you

I saw the documentary last night and was very moved; leukemia has touched my life through relatives and friends. You seem tremendously kind and friendly and thoughtful--and much loved by your devoted family. Stay strong, keep fighting, and know that all of us Old Blues are pulling for you!

Saw the Program

I just wanted to say that I watched the program last night. I am praying for you. I don't know you personally but I believe you are a strong person and I know that with God you can make it through this. Thank you!

Dear Vinay and Rashmi, We

Dear Vinay and Rashmi,

We watched the documentary last night and were moved to tears! I lost my mom to cancer 4 years ago, so I can understand what your family and you must be going through. My husband and I are registered bone marrow donors and we are constantly encouraging our South East Asian friends to register too. Please know that you will be in our thoughts and prayers and we are hoping you will get over this ordeal soon!

Shilpa & Sridhar
Fremont, CA

Keep positive, keep smiling

Vinay and Family, I wish you much strength on your road to recovery. I have been thinking about you and the other patients from the documentary all day. Cancer has affected my family and that of my husband too. My father is a lung cancer survivor, one of the few. Every year in lieu of Christmas cards we make a donation to the Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation and send an email Christams card. For every person who responds to our email we donate an additional dollar - we own a rel estate business so we have quiet a few names on our list! Unfortuantely, I cannot donate marrow because I have lived in England (mad cow disease issues) and I find this very frustrating. Vinay, my very best wishes to you and yours. Keep positive, keep smiling. Judith

It moved us more than you will ever know

My grandson is going through relapse now and there are no matches on the registry. You are blessed to have found one. I do not know what his future is but I am watching and praying he finds a match and you are healed!
Pediatric cancer is the #1 killer of children and only 20% of the funds go to pediatric reseach. Let everyone know to put pressure on our Senators to pass the Childhood Cancer Act.
Let your parents and aunties know I miss their energy, love and support at the marrow drives!

Incredibly courageous and moving

Dear Vinay and Rashmi,

My husband and I watched the documentary last night and were moved to tears. We admire your courage and passion in light of such adversity. Please know that through your efforts, we are both registered bone marrow donors.

We wish and pray for your strength and peace.
Anu & Prateek

Best wishes

I watched the program tonight and was moved to tears. I just wanted to wish you and your family the best!

God Bless you, it really

God Bless you, it really takes so much courage to have gone on this documentary with your personal illness. You have so much kindness and concern for others and you are a very special person. I am married to a Pakistani and never considered that the availability of donors for any condition could be impacted by ethnicity. Thank you for sharing this information, please know that so many people are praying for your improvement and long life. You have so much good to do in the world and have just started in your goals of helping educate and improve life for others. We will be thinking of you and your family.
It's unique to admit that we can be so moved and feel so
much for people we haven't met. You have touched the lives of many. Get better soon!

Truth about Cancer in PBS

Dear Vinay and friends,

I have to accept this has been one of the best touching program i have seen. I was just scaning thru the channels and can across PBS with this title "Truth about Cancer". I always wanted to know what its (cancer) all about. This program was an eye opener and made me realise how important each and every day in my life. I have decided i wana be part of this war against Cancer, in any possible way i can. Your story along with others in that program has inspired me alot to write my view and my support for you my dear Vinay. I pray sincerly to allmighty for providing a cure for this deadly killer and save my friends. With lots of love and get well wishes...

Your new friend,
Pradip - New York.

Looking forward to seeing the program

Hi Rashmi and Vinay,

I have marked the program in my diary and I am looking forward to seeing the program. Looking forward to seeing you guys. I am hoping that Vinay is doing okay. Praying for your speedy recovery.

Sudha Prakash


looking forward to seeing this documentary tomorrow!

love aditi

Great job Vinay and Rashmi.

Great job Vinay and Rashmi. I am looking forward to watching this program. Thanks for all you are doing to raise awareness about this illness, treatment, and all the while managing your lives around this diagnosis. Thanks for being such inspirtational people. My family and I send you lots of healing thoughts and prayers. With best wishes, Aparna