From Vinay's Best Friends


Vinay was the light of our lives. The gaping void we now feel reflects the intensity with which he shined, and the singular place he will forever occupy in our hearts. We don't know what we are going to do without him. We promise to now take with us, as best we can, the light he carried within him that touched each of us so deeply. We honor him by passing this light on to the people we meet in the journey of our own lives.

In these last months, Vinay wondered how people's lives had changed because of this experience. We didn't know what to tell him. We ask you, here in this space, to share with Vinay, Rashmi and each other, how your life has changed, and what will be different for you and your interactions with humanity.

Much love, brother.

Dear Vinay,

Dear Vinay,
I have visited this page a several thousand times since last summer and it is only now that I feel like I can capture my sentiments. I never met you but I do know some of those that loved you dearly.

Your brother and sister in law came to stay with us shortly after you passed. In those two weeks that we got to share with them, we heard some pretty funny stories about you =). I also heard a lot about your amazing strength and grace. What I am trying to say is that this is how you will be forever remembered. And this is what people who were never lucky enough to meet you will hear. We will laugh at the funny stories and we will gain strength from your amazing courage. You memory will forever invoke only positive emotions and feelings.

You are truly a hero Vinay. Just know that we will all use your legacy and memory to make this world a better place, just like you have.


Thank you

In this oh-so-full of ourselves world, Vinay was able to touch the hearts of so many people and force them to think beyond our own lives.

People sent that additional email requesting their friends and family to make it to the blood donation drives
People had conversations about Vinay and the terrible disease
People discussed the other causes of this disease and hopefully gave a serious thought to stopping their habits
Some people even stopped these bad habits
People came back together to one spot every so often to check on the progress of one tough-fighter named Vinay on his webpage
People shared their own stories and felt lighter just by doing so
People were comforted by seeing the strong support of family and friends that Vinay had, and the ones he made online, even people millions of miles away
People decided to make a decision and made a change to their lives either by getting over their fear of pain or addiction

PEOPLE CARED. And that's not an easy thing to accomplish in this world.

Vinay did a lot more in his short life on earth than many do in their lifetimes or multiple lifetimes. So THANK YOU to Rashmi and the rest of the closest family and friends for sharing his story and sharing 'your Vinay' with the rest of us.


it's taken me months to write something, somehow the last hundred times i've come to this page, i wasn't able to perfectly capture my sentiments. i feel so blessed to have re-entered vinnie's life in the last year. we were friends in college, but lost touch over the years. this last year we reconnected and i'm so thankful for the magic he brought to our lives.

the night you passed vin, i had a 20 minute conversation with you in the dark... i promised to take care of everyone you love and all who loved you. i'm so sorry medicine, the field you loved so dearly, let you down. we're working to make sure it doesn't fail you again. we recently welcomed our first son, baby amani into this world. you will be pleased to know he'll be raised as a laker fan... you would have loved this little guy vin. i can't wait to take him to celebrate your 30th birthday, the first of many events amani will celebrate for you. your presence is with us always vinay uncle...

with all my heart...

shilpa, swapnil, and amani

Rashmi (and family)

As I was listening to report tonight, I looked up and saw the PBS Time Square Billboard picture of you & Vinay; I just want to say -- I think of you often and miss you guys... & you will always be in my thoughts and prayers. Rashmi, best of luck with school. You will make a wonderful doctor. We would be fortunate if you would consider working at BWH... with love. Margaret


What a shocking news....I just went to this page a few months ago & was so happy that Vinay found a match, i went & registered myself that very day. But I'm so disappointed today.....Vinay, may your soul rest in peace. Rashmi, take heart God will deftly give you a bright future.

Hello Rashmi and Vinay's

Hello Rashmi and Vinay's family !
Please know that you are loved and respected by a lot of people out there. Hopefully Vinay's life, compassion, love, simplicity and determination will give you all the strength to cope. I believe he is at peace wherever he is.
Please take care.


I had found Vinay's photos in Flickr while researching bone marrow transplantation (due to my great-nephew needing a BMT). Then I saw Vinay on PBS. I visited again today and was so sad to hear of his passing. I know Vinay has inspired many people, including me. My goal is to get as many people as I can to register as a bone marrow donor, and to give blood every chance they get. Bless you, Vinay...and rest in peace.

The Legacy of an Incredible Man,

Vinay, I miss you and your presence in my life. For those who visit this website and did not know him, know that Vinay lives and breathes through his family and friends. What an incredible man. Vinay was kind, compassionate, loving, tender, caring, intelligent, strong, persistent, thoughtful, witty, optimistic, humble, and every positive adjective you can think of, all rolled into one human being. He loved whole heartedly and unconditionally. What wonderful, intimate talks we had, regarding his love of Rashmi, family and friends. His thoughts were always of them, and how he can spare them from what he was going through. Knowing him, made you want to become a better person.
It was incredible how he persevered through all the turmoil in his life. He never gave up. He was an extraordinary fighter. Please don’t let his Legacy end here. All who read this website please pass this along to all of your family and friends. Show Vinay your compassion. Talk to people about donating to the Bone Marrow Registry. There are people around the world, who suffer not knowing if there is someone, who could save their life. Please watch the documentary on PBS, The Truth about Cancer. Please don’t let Vinay’s work, to save others end.
I am proud to have known him, my Lil Bro. I will never forget him. He will live on in my heart. Rashmi and Vinay, thank you, for making me a better person, and letting me into your life. Rashmi, continue you dreams, and know I am here. You are never alone, Vinay made sure of that. You are surrounded by many who love you.
Please continue His Legacy
Love, Big Sis


Cannot express the deep sorrow I am feeling on hearing this sad news

To Vinay's family and friends,

Our prayers are with you and kudos to your heroic efforts.

I assure you your efforts have inspired many like me to wake up from the deep slumber of complacency and take the simple yet profound step of registering in
Marrow donors registry.

We should keep this momentum and make as many south asians as possible to register in Donors registry.

I miss you

I miss you baby. I miss your voice, your smile. I take comfort knowing you are safe in His arms, away from all the pain and suffering and that He is taking good care of you. It has been more than a month since you left us but getting through every day has not been easy for any of us. There are so many questions unanswered. One day I am sure we will all meet after which there is no separation.

Love you,
Lakshmi auntie

To the loved ones of Vinay,

To the loved ones of Vinay, I am so sorry to hear of your loss. He was an exemplary human being, and he will continue to affect the lives of many more people with his legacy of raising awareness of the bone marrow registry. I will never forget the look on his face when he received his bone marrow match. I greatly appreciate that Vinay was so candid with us in sharing his illness experience. I pray that God continues to give you all the strength you need to embrace your memories of him.

We are with you at this time...

Dear Rashmi, Rao family and Chakravarthy family,

We write this with a heavy heart, incurring writer's block and yet there is so much we want to say to comfort you all... we love you Rashmi and at this time all we can offer is a wish to give you the strength to achieve all that you and Vinay dreamed of for you.

Rajni and Ram are the nicest friends one can have...we have had the privelege of sharing many memorable moments in your life; we have seen the courage with which you have faced turmoil and we admire you for it. Today, we would like to share your sorrow and take some of it, so you can get some relief. We pray for you all and hope to pray together with you at Sree Krishna Brindavan Matha as before.

To the Chakravarthy family...we admire the wonderful job you did as parents in raising Vinay. He truly was an impressive young man. Take pride in that and may God give you strength during this trying time.

Vini was a great,

Vini was a great, sweet,beautiful human being,kind and gentle,loved by one and all,I and our entire family will miss him a whole lot;his dedication to medicine, genuine heart and strength of mind are some of the greatest lessons each of us can learn, my kids loved him immensely and there is nothing but wonderful things to say about him.The memories he created when he was with people of all ages is phenomenal.Our heart goes out to Rashmi and Vini's parents and bro.....We wish this loss had not happened at all.

God Bless....

Lots of love,
Anju,Chai,Madhumita and Rishmita


Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope you are surrounded with people who uplift your spirit and provide support you need right now.

- Rucha

Rashmi, I hope God has given

I hope God has given you the strength to deal with this hard time in your life. I know that no words can comfort you after the loss of your love, but I sincerely hope that you are doing well. You have been a great support for Vinay throughout his fight against this deadly disease, and you have shown to the world what true love and marriage really means. Only time can help. I wish you all the best in everything, and I wish you everything that Vinay would've and will wish to happen for you. God bless you!


You are such an amazing strong woman, you have showed everyone what marriage is about through sickness and health. I hope I have as much strength as you one day when I am married. Please update us on how you are doing.

Take care and lots of love

I'm not sure what to say

I didn't personally know Vinay either. I only found out about his condition because I registered for the Bone Marrow registry a long time ago and received a phone call telling me 6 of my 10 antigens matched. I just got news today that not only was I not a match but that Vinay had passed away. I've never felt so empty for a total stranger before. Advertising and getting the word about donating is crucial. I wish I had found out about his condition a lot sooner. Maybe I could have done something else to help.

To his family: there are no words that anyone can tell you at this particular juncture in your life that will make the pain of having lost a son go away. I'm sorry for your loss. Honestly, I wish I had something else to contribute to this blog. But that's all I can say. Take care and Godspeed.

I never knew Vinay

I never knew Vinay personally but feel as though I lost a close friend. I actually read about him on another patient's website and visited this website to see if I could help. Unfortunately he had already passed on. For some reason the bone marrow drive for Vinay was not advertised well enough in the Dallas area. I've wanted to become a donor for a long time and this finally made me do it. I'm also helping to organize a drive in my company. I find people still seem to have reservations in becoming donors. For the life of me I can't understand why. We south asians really need to wake up! My condolences to the family, I hope you get all the strength and support you need at this time. May his soul rest in peace always.

I never knew Vinay

I never knew Vinay personally but feel as though I lost a close friend. I actually read about him on another patient's website and visited this website to see if I could help. Unfortunately he had already passed on. For some reason the bone marrow drive for Vinay was not advertised well enough in the Dallas area. I've wanted to become a donor for a long time and this finally made me do it. I'm also helping to organize a drive in my company. I find people still seem to have reservations in becoming donors. For the life of me I can't understand why. We south asians really need to wake up! My condolences to the family, I hope you get all the strength and support you need at this time. May his soul rest in peace always.

Vinay's parents, brother and

Vinay's parents, brother and Rashmi, I don't know Vinay or you guys personally, but I've been checking your website for the last one year. I am so sorry to hear that Vinay is no more. I hope you all are keeping your health and taking care of yourself. Vinay is watching you all from above. Believe in God and leave all your sorrows and concerns to him.

We miss you..

Words can't express the magnitude of Vinay's contribution to the South Asian community and to everyone affected by blood disorders.
But, more than anything, he was just a wonderful guy!
Thank you, Vinay and thank you Rashmi and Team Vinny. We feel your pain but please know that our community is better because of your work and courage.

Don't know what to say

I am just extremely sorry for your loss...but please celebrate his life and not mourn his passing. I am sure Vinay would want you to be free of pain and suffering as he is now.

God bless you all.


oh, very saddened to visit the blog today for the first time in awhile and to read this news. vinay was a special guy, surrounded by equally special family and friends. condolences to rashmi and bharath and the chakravarthy's. my lasting memories will always be of his positive outlook on life and his genuine heart.


may your soul rest in peace

Dear Rashmi, Rashmi's parents, Vinay's parents & brothers & all the families & friends

I am really sorry to hear the news.

My sincere prayers are with you . May God give you all courage, strength to recover from this .


I don't know when did you take Vinay's picture... his looks so calm even when he was going thru all this. All theses messages reflect how everyone loved vinay and how he, rashmi and their families set example for everyone of us.

from someone who met rashmi's mom and her talk made me to register ... and i heard rashmi talking on the stage asking everyone to register.

On many a night, I held you

On many a night, I held you up to the indigo sky in prayer. I am certain when you were feeling lighter on your feet, it was the collective embrace of all your loved ones, holding you intently. It is truly amazing how much life one simple being can affect. You will always affect mine. Thank you for your life of service to all of us.

Fly on little bird....

A great loss ! Love and Hope never dies

Vinay may have physically left us but the hope and love he created amongst his friends and in the community will continue to live on. Rashmi and family members we share your grief and know that nothing can replace this loss. The message of love and hope that vinay, you all and his friends spread across needs to keep spreading and more and more volunteers need to sign up to help fellow community members who might need help in future.

Rest in peace vinay, we know you are in good hand up there

- with a heavy heart we say goodbye for now..

- krishna and sri

Dear Rashmi, and all of

Dear Rashmi, and all of Vinay's family and friends,

I belive that Vinay will live in our hearts for being a wonderful person who he was. Someone who could could touch lives of so many people, as we can see. Hope Rashmi and all of you are doing well. This community is definitely there for you anytime. If there is anything I can do, please let me know.

Love and prayers for you all always !


Rest in peace Vinay
to the comment below, the memorial service is private, its rude to ask for closure

MAy his soul rest in

MAy his soul rest in peace.
Rashmi you are a source of inspiration to all of us. You have touched us deeply.

Was wondering if you can post his memorial service so we all can have a closure.
Watching Sameers memorial service did give a sense of closure

God bless!

You fought a good fight brother! May your soul rest in peace knowing the fact that your efforts will end up saving many a life long after your gone.

The world needs more do'ers like you and less talkers!


burning bright

i will fight, i will not give up.
i will believe, i will have faith.
and no matter what
no matter what
i will smile.

You have my heart, I love you

Hello, Vinay I will write to you, as I know you still hear, I am so glad I am able to be a tiny part of your life, as I know I'll see you down the road.

You have my heart, I love you

Tammy Christine

Remembering Vinay

It came as a huge shock to me, to hear that Vinay was no more. I had thought about him just last week.
Although I never met him, I somehow feel a sense of 'emptiness' after reading about Vinay (and Sameer Bhatia) - it's a bit like the air getting sucked out of your lungs. My prayers are with his family and friends.
(Clemson, SC)

Heartfelt Condolences

To Vinay's family, Rashmi and friends,
Please accept my heartfelt condolences on Vinay's passing away. May the almighty grant his soul eternal peace and to his family and friends the courage and endurance to deal with his loss.

Vinay's well wisher.

I have been visiting the

I have been visiting the website regularly and now when I know he is no longer with us physically, I justt go there to feel his presence -- the love he shared with so many of you and hoping to know the person I never met. You are a very lucky man to have a friend like him. May the Superior powers give you and his family the strength to overcome this loss. Please let Rashmi, his parents and his siblings know that I hold them very close to my heart and grieve with them every single day. My prayers are with each of you.


This is indeed very sad and

This is indeed very sad and shocking.Our heartfelt condolences to the family.
-Rashmi & Kaustubh

Hello Hema,

Hello Hema, Parthasarthy,Rashmi
We are deeply sorry to hear the news . Our most sincere sympathies for all of you
God be with you and give you the strength to move forward.

Deepest Condolences

I first came to know about Vinay from a friend of mine. I went to his blog and read about him and at once felt like Vinay and Rashmi were my kids. I had heard about bone marrow donation before and was always worried about the side effects etc.. But as soon as I read about Vinay I somehow got the inner strength to register for bone marrow. I even prayed God that I should be a match. I followed his progress and am really saddened by his untimely death. I pray God that he will give Rashmi and the family strength to cope with this great loss.
If he has touched people who have not met him to such a great extent, I only can imagine how he has touched people who knew him.
God Bless the family.

Vinay-You will be remembered always.

I have been following with Vinay's progress from June 2007 till now and I just dont have words to express my sadness on Vinay's departure, especially to his family and closest friends. My son and I have written a small piece of art that I wish to share.....We will always remember you - Vinay.

There is a word, of grief the sounding token from us
There is a word bejewelled with bright tears from us
The saddest word fond lips have ever spoken by us
A little word that breaks the chain of years.
Its utterance must ever bring emotion,
The memories it crystals cannot die.
This known in every land, on every ocean,
It is Good Bye.

Vinay made a difference in this world!

Very few of us will make any difference before we die (yes, may be after 50-70 years but we will die, there is no question about it), but Vinay made a big difference in the lives of those needing marrow transplants in south asian community. I didn't have the pleasure of knowing him or meeting him, but I registered as donor in one of the drives in Dallas area.

Don't be sad, we all live n number of years here on earth. The important thing is what difference our lives make for others and future generation. Vinay will always be in our memories.

Having had the privilege of

Having had the privilege of knowing Vinay during those good ole days of undergrad, I carry plenty of great memories with me. Let me tell you guys, Vinay was nothing like the typical, shy, overwhelmed freshman when he arrived at Cal. No sir, this was the same confident, self-assured Veece that we all know and love. And I quickly came to realize that that inner confidence and strength was simply a part of who he is.

From those heated battles on the hoopcourt (our squads met in the late round of intramural playoffs one season -- and um yeah, they did beat us) to showing up at their Durant Ave house to get my fade fixed up, Veece was always that strong, dominant personality that you just had to admire. You just knew that this was a young man who would go on to accomplish significant goals and touch many lives along the way. And he surely did.

As I read Priti's description of Vinay's fortitude during those last weeks, I can only smile. It just fits right in there with the Vinay that I had the privilege of knowing over the years. And it's provided me with a measure of inspiration, a source from which to derive strength, and a constant reminder to set high goals and dream big things and then simply do what it takes to achieve them. For all of that, I thank you Veece. My thoughts and daily prayers continue to be with all of you. God bless...

My deepest condolences

I live in Fremont, CA now, but am from Boston, MA. I don't know Vinay, but am connected to the AADP through Michelle Maykin. My deepest, deepest condolences to Vinay's family. It is clear through this blog that Vinay was a gem and will be deeply missed. I am a registered bone marrow donor and will continue to support the drives in honor of Michelle and in memory of Vinay.

Deepest condolences

It was more than a year I have been following both Vinay and sameer's valiant effort to fight against the demons of disease. I was so confident both these guys will become normal because of the energy they radiated and the selfless work to rally together the community to create an awareness about the disease. They did not fail and my deepest condelences to his wife and his parents.

Condolences to Vinay's family and friends

I am so saddened to hear of Vinay’s passing. Vinay, Sameer and their teams amazed us with their strength and bravery. In the face of their own battles, they showed grace and magnanimity that has touched people worldwide. You created a movement and your efforts will live on forever.

With time, may this same strength along with your personal memories bring you comfort and peace. Please know that an entire community stands with you.

Deepest Condolences

Vinay helped us tremendously by providing valuable advice for my wife who is also fighting the decease. We will always be great full for his compassion and guidance. His efforts for the bone marrow drive has helped us to find potential donor.
Our Heartfelt condolences to Vinay's family and friends.
May his soul rest in peace and may God give you strength to face this.

much love to vinay's family

much love to vinay's family and friends. in reading reflections on both vinay and sameer, its clear to me that we didn't lose them. we gained instead so much - lives richer, minds more loving, and hearts full. and thousands and thousands of new south asians registered. i never met vinay, but through sameer's struggle, got to know vinay a little. my life is different for reading v's words, and feeling his courage. my light is brighter for it.


Hi, I never knew Vinay

I never knew Vinay although his case made me register for a bone marrow drive. I am deeply sad to hear news of his passing away. He lives on in all our hearts through his strong and generous spirit.

RIP Vinay

Vinay lives on...... ....

Vinay lives on......

.... through the individual and collective memories of the numerous people whom he has affected in such a positive manner. I did not know Vinay personally, but have been touched by, and felt the love through and around him. He is a wonderful soul and truly blessed to have so many other loving, caring beings around him.

I was in shock this morning

I was in shock this morning when I got the email about Vinay's demise. I did not know Vinay but felt passionate about joining the bone marrow registry after seeing the dedication with which his family and friends led various drives at various venues in the Bay Area. I was so overjoyed when I last heard that he had received a transplant and had been delighted by the fact that Vinay and his family's prayers had been answered. Even though I have never met Vinay, I can tell that he was an amazingly caring and thoughtful individual and a part of him will always remain in everyone that he was close to. Me and my family are including Rashmi and all of Vinay's close friends and family in our prayers to offer them comfort and healing during this time :( With our deepest condolescences, Harini, Vikas, Janani and Abhaya.

I did not know vinay,but

I did not know vinay,but have followed his progress. I beleived his trnasplant is going to pull him out of the crisis. he has left a very positive message in all our lives to fight ,never give up and also brought awareness on bone marrow transplant. My heartful of sympathies are with Rashmi and her family and vinays family.may god give you the strength to cope up with this loss.