Help Michelle

Hello Friends,

It has been just 6 weeks since we lost Vinay. There are no words to describe what we are feeling. But there is one thing we wanted to tell you. Our family is close to a young couple who you may have heard of: Michelle and Van. Michelle is another young Bay Area woman with leukemia (AML) who is urgently searching for a match. We know that Vinay was committed to helping her, and we are also dedicated to helping her with her search. It is what Vinay would have wanted. We ask you to help us spread the word to register, and in Vinay's memory please attend one of the drives listed on the right side of this page. Help us to help Michelle.

With much love
Bharath & Sonia, Hema and Partha Chakravarthy

May God bless Vinay, Sameer,

May God bless Vinay, Sameer, and all their family and friends. You all are in my thoughts, I wish you all the best!


wow...what a beautiful journey of hope and Vinay was such an inspiration as I read this...I donated and joined the registry 7 years ago and found out last week I am a match for a 23 year old female with AML,,,scheduled for donation Sept.30th...what a blessing! I will try to do it in the spirit of Vinay...God Bless your families...and Rameesh too...


it was wonderful see the drives planned during indepedence day week. keep up the good work... we are all proud of you all.
both of your families are really inspiring to everyone of us.

broken link

I think the link to Michelle's site is not working. You guys have touched so many people, and you're doing so many wonderful things through Vinay's spirit. Thank you for inspiring us.