Vinay's Birthday & Video Collage

Dear Friends,

September 5th would have been Vinay's 30th birthday. He planned to spend his special day with family and friends. Vinay was the eternal optimist, always striving to assist others, often foregoing his own struggles. Vinay's wish was to see that all those needing a bone marrow transplant would have the opportunity to have one. He most desperately hoped that no one had to go through the grueling process of having to find a donor. Unfortunately there are hundreds of people who struggle with this predicament daily. Vinay and his family urge you to continue to strive to make this world a better place and to donate your time to your community and to your world. Take the time to volunteer at a bone marrow drive, donate blood and encourage your friends and family to register at your local stem-cell center.

In honor of Vinay's memory we are celebrating his life this upcoming weekend at the Central Park/Lake Elizabeth, in Fremont California, the place where Vinay grew up. We invite all of those involved with Team Vinay to come visit us and enjoy his memory, with food, recreation and friends from 11am-4pm on Saturday September 6th. We know that it may not be feasible for many of you to share the day with us in person, so we urge you to take a moment to remember him that day and to remember what he stood for and to continue your own personal momentum to better yourself and those around you. Many others have enquired about donating their time and money to a worthy effort in India. We urge those generous individuals to lend your support to Jeevan Blood Bank (

Vinay, I miss you every second of everyday. I never thought the day would come when I would not have you at my side and a terrible void exists in my heart. But I know that your spirit is watching over me, hoping that I would do more for those less fortunate than me. When I think of you I think of Abraham Lincoln's words, "And in the end it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." With this I will honor your life until the welcomed day I meet you again.

Your Brother, Bharath

Happy birthday Vinay! Having

Happy birthday Vinay! Having been a donor at your camp, I have always admired yours and Rashmi's strength and determination to sustain during the difficult times. This one's for both of you for staying strong and united through thick and thin!!

You guys are awesome for bringing so much awareness to the bone marrow drive. We will always celebrate Vinay and Sameer's lives !!

All the best

It feels so great to see that you have arranged for so many drives to help others. My heart is filled with joy and greatfulness for everyone doing this.
All the very best to all of you.

Dear Bharath and

Dear Bharath and family,

Please know that we all continue to think of you and offer you our continued support and prayers. I never met Vinay, but helped organized some of the drives. What Vinay, with the help of your friends and family managed to do, is absolutely incredible. It is clear that he made this world a much better place and how lucky we all are to have him watching over us.

Wishing you much peace...

I have never met Vinay

I have never met Vinay personally but I was a donor at one of your camps and since then I am a regular visitor of your website. Vinay's story changed my life. Vinay definitely made this world a better place to live and I cannot imagine how deeply you Guys are missing vinay. I have a child too and I know how difficult it is to loose a child.

I am so sorry you had to go thru this. But please remember vinay Touched lot of people and will be remembered by all of them.

Happy Birthday Vinay,

Happy Birthday Vinay, wherever you are. I am sure you are watching over your loved ones like their guardian angel.
May God give your family the strength to overcome this loss and may they find peace in your memories. Take care rashmi, we hold you very close to our heart and you are always in our prayers.

Vinay's spirit lives on

I never met Vinay except through this website. We did a bone marrow drive for him in MI. In spite of never having met him in person, I feel compelled to keep coming back to this website to see updates. There is such a void and sadness in my heart each time I read about him but I also am amazed at what a great soul Vinay was! The video/pics were so touching. I truly pray that he is at peace and watching over his loved ones. I try to use his life as an inspiration in my daily life. His mission on earth was accomplished in such a short life....I pray for Rashmi's strength and would like to hear some udpate at some point that she is doing well.

Chakravarthy and Rao family


We were not able to be at Fremont on Saturday physically but we were there in spirit. We are sending our thoughts to your family and the Rao family. May God give you the strength to bear his absence.

Missing Vinay terribly!

Sudha and Prakash

The strength you (Vinay's

The strength you (Vinay's family) have shown and the effort you are still making to fulfill Vinay's wishes is amazing. I have no doubt that Vinay is indeed watching over all of you and is still with all of us in spirit. The impact Vinay, and now all of his friends and family, have made is much more significant than most of us make in a whole lifetime. May god bless you all and keep giving you strength.