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Saily Joshi

We wish you many more happy and healthy years! Hope you are doing well. Please update us when you get a chance.


Happy Birthday Vinay! Wishing you MANY MANY more!!



Happy B-day bro! Stay strong and we'll celebrate it right next year when you hit the big 30! I'll visit soon.



Happy Birthday Vinay!


Ashwin Vasan


Happy Birthday!! I left you a voicemail, but wanted to say I hope you are resting comfortably and getting stronger by the day. Can't wait to have a huge celebration for your 30th! In the meantime, remember these wise words: "Beneath the clothes, we find the man, and beneath the man, we find....his....nucleus"

Love you,

Jay Kannan

Dear Vinnie
Wish you a very happy birthday and many more happy returns of the day!
Jayanthi Aunty and Kannan Uncle

Prakash Gopinath


Wishing you a very happy birthday and a very speedy recovery.



This is composed by Swami Tejomayanada as birthday greeting song:) (sent by Lakshmy Prakash aunty)

janma-dinam idam, ayi priya sakhe
shantanotu te, sarvadâ mudam
prârthayâmahe, bhava shatâyushi
îshvaras-sadâ, tvâm cha rakshatu
punya karmanâ, kîrtim arjaya
jîvanam tava, bhavatu sârthakam

O dear friend! May this birthday bring auspiciousness
and joy to you forever. Indeed, we all pray for your
long life. May the Lord always protect you. By noble
deeds, may you attain fame, and may your life be

Lakshman Family

Dear Vinay and Rashmi,
Happy Birthday Vinay!Our blessings and our love to Rashmi and you today and everyday.
My father's Birthday was September 5th.My parents have loved Rashmi from the day she was born.
I assigned my dad to be an "Angel" and take care of many things for me,one of which is to take care of you.
My mother Blesses both of you also.She has been praying for you all these months silently.
Viji Aunty (LOVE from Lakshman Uncle and Ashwini also)

Jayanthi Kannan

Dear Vinnie,
Wish you a very happy birthday and Many Many more Happy Returns of the day!
Jayanthi Aunty and Kannan Uncle

Jayanthi Aunty, Kannan Uncle

Dear Vinnie
Wishing you a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" and Many Happy Returns of the Day.
Jayanthi Aunty and Kannan Uncle


Hi Vinay:
Happy 29:) Many, Many happy Returns of the day and wish you many more!! We all love you and are praying for your good health and speedy recovery. Hope to see you in Fremont in a few months time to actually celebrate your Birthday!!!
Girija aunty, Radhakrishnan uncle and Kavita

Achars, Dheerendras, and Raos

Dearest Vinay,

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday! Here's to a new healthy and happy year and many, many more! Thinking of you. Lots and lots of love.

Achar uncle and Lakshmi aunty
Sudheendra and Vanita
Anju, Chaithanya, Madhumita, and Rishmita


Hi Vinay,
Wishing you a very speedy recovery process.
I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge my niece Rashmi who so enthusiastically registered on line. she had just delivered a baby in April, and even with all the overwhelming responsibilities and sleeplessness of a first time mother, kept calling me anxiously that she didn't receive the packet. As soon as she received the packet, she completed it and mailed it immediately. She made sure that her husband and her sister Dipthi at Boston registered also.


Congratulations to Vinay and Sameer on finding matches. God bless them and their teams for the efforts that will help South Asians all over the world. I pray for a successful transplant and recovery to both.

Lakshmi Gopinath

Dearest Vini,
Wish you a very happy birthday and many more happy returns of the day!

Gopi mama, Lakshmi auntie and Poowah

Sudha Prakash

Hi Vinay and Rashmi,

Just browsed Sameer's website and came to know about the fantastic news that he got a perfect 10 match from a dedicated and committed donor. What a miracle! The LA/Orange County volunteers are so happy!

However, as Sameer says, there is still more to do. There are still others on the list who have to find their matches. I am now a committed donor and a volunteer. I am sure you and Sameer will use your experience and continue the service to others for the rest of your lives. You have the resources/drive/youth/experience on your side. Vinay, now that you have a unique perspecive of life now, I am sure you and Rashmi will become compassionate doctors.

Today is Krishna Janmastami. May Lord Krishna bless you both and the others who are on the list waiting for their matches. We are praying!

Sudha and Prakash (Orange County)

Anita karer

i am waiting for your next progress report after the transplant. we are all praying for you. by the way i am Rohan Karer's grandma who is also in need of suitable match. i have been keeping track of all your reports. also i am on the donor's list. wishing you all the best

Pratibha Srikanth

Dear Vinay,
Just wanted to tell you that we continue to pray for you in this important stage of your treatment,that you completely recover and enjoy all the joys and happiness of mankind,with your dear wife and the rest of the family.
We thank the donor for his magnanimous gesture.
Who says that "The world is becoming selfish?". The world is full of good,compassionate people -we only need to find them!
take care and lots of love,


Keep it up...your almost there. We are all thinking about you all the time. Keep your spirit strong.